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About Chaika Events

Chaika Events is as fearless as its namesake – the seagull. Tireless and strong, Chaika’s team personally organises every bespoke corporate event, wedding celebration or children’s party with our team motto in mind – life is fun, let’s celebrate and have a party!

Olga and Elena, Chaika’s founders, met while organising internationally renowned events for an management event agency specialising in events designed for several thousand international guests at a time. From Evian to Donatella Versace and from Natalia Imbruglia to Audi, Olga and Elena thrilled their clients and delighted major celebrities. They soon realised they had the same attitude – no job too big, no challenge too great, memorability and creativity as standard, and guaranteeing the kind of attention to detail whilst treating every event as if it’s their own. It was natural for Olga and Elena to set up their own Event Management Agency, London-based but working internationally to create total event solutions….

By recruiting a team of intensely event-minded specialists and party planners, Chaika has created a world-class reputation from a friendly, celebration-focused London office. This emphasis on a tight-knit team sharing the same values is important, because whether we’re organising a vintage car rally for a royal sponsor or planning a wedding in Italy, Chaika Events brings a very special set of qualities to bear on event planning.

What makes a Chaika Events special?

“Special” begins with our bespoke database of venues, allied to our distinctive focus on decor and mood which makes every event unforgettable. Then we bring our individual and painstaking balance of design, PR, marketing, creativity and professionalism to give your event wow factor. Of course there’s our personable, friendly and communicative work style which means your event is fun from the minute you bring us on board. Finally, we work behind the scenes before, during and after every event to make each moment memorable and to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Where Chaika excels:

Event Planning

Event Management

Venue Search

Event Catering

Event Entertainment

Event PR & Promotion

Photography & Videography

Where Chaika excels:

–  Technical support
–  Bespoke props making
–  Seasonal decorations
–  Set design and theming
–  Floristry & living walls

Are you ready to experience the Chaika slogan?

Life is fun, let’s celebrate and have a party?

Us too!

So please call+44 20 7582 8875 or 07863 225048 or 07791106355 or just email so we can bring the Chaika effect to your next event.