Chaika | Children’s Parties
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Children’s Parties

At Chaika Events we love a good party, and a children’s party is the best fun of all. It takes a special blend of magic, hard work and ability to think like a child to pull off a really spectacular kid’s party.

Party Food

It’s not a good kid’s party unless there is some really great grub! We ensure that the dessert table reflects the party theme and the Chaika team use a selection of specially hand-made desserts like cake pops and cupcakes to boost the uniqueness of the event and highlight the theme of the day. We’re great at coping with food allergies and dietary needs, and we use our imagination to balance spectacular party food with excellent nutrition so there’s no post-party sugar crash waiting for the parents of the guests.

Themes and styling for children’s parties

We have many favourite themes and our children’s party event planners will work with you to suggest a concept that thrills your child and gives every guest an unforgettably good experience. Some of our most successful themes to date are:


Music video

Movie making

Kids Olympics

Circus & Magic

Safari/Jurassic park



Enchanted garden

Science Fiction

Themed events aren’t just about decor and styling, although they are both vital to set the tone. We bring amazing props to give your party a tangible focus, cool entertainers to amaze the guests and activities that will never be forgotten – we’ve launched rockets, judged hip-hop contests and even sourced brand new themes to delight party guests who never expected to find the latest cartoon craze helping them celebrate their birthday.

One of the best things about a well-organised children’s party is how much the grown-ups can relax and enjoy themselves. We make sure that adults find our parties as much fun as the younger guests which is why we find we’re arranging children’s parties year after year for the same children – everybody is just having too much fun to stop!