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our values

We could take you through the entire alphabet, but who’s got time for that when there’s a party to plan?

Instead, let us share our event management philosophy with you from A to J, because that’s more fun than a boring list of corporate values, and Chaika is all about having fun wherever possible.


Your dreams are our energy source and we think big and plan your event to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re working with our event management agency to plan the perfect wedding or bringing us on board for our party planner skills, our ambition is to make you smile with pleasure and laugh with delight every time we speak. Nothing less will do!

B is for BUDGET

Dreaming big doesn’t mean spending big. We know how to create an amazing effect on a tight budget. Our event management skills are honed on getting the best value for our clients, so whether it’s ‘money no object’ or ‘limited expenditure’ we call on our network, our creativity and our ability to source wonderful experiences to create an event that wows without breaking the bank.


Luckily for us, creativity is at the heart of what we do, which means we are constantly searching for new ways to bring your parties to life, inspired by our love of travelling the world, surfing the internet and finding the next big thing before it happens.

D is for DELIGHT

But it could have been for DELIVERY or DELICIOUS or DEVOTION. These are all values that apply to our work, whether we’re creating the perfect day as your wedding planner or designing the best corporate party in the world. Our purpose is to DELIGHT with the DELIVERY of a great event, including DELICIOUS experiences. Our DEVOTION to this purpose is what makes Chaika special.

E is for EFFORT

What we put in, so you don’t have to. From the day you hire an event organiser, your worries should be over, and we put in every effort to ensure they are. We go the extra mile, work the extra hour and put in the extra effort to ensure that your experience of working with Chaika is fuss and bother free.

That’s why our clients come back to us again – we’re more than events management specialists, we’re the people who make effort look effortless.

F is for FRIENDS

We’re a team that loves to work together; it’s one of our greatest strengths. We adore making new friends too, and our clients often become exactly that. While this is our profession, and our tight-knit, dedicated group is focused on being the most professional event planners you’ll ever come across, we do it in the spirit of friendship. Our agencies, venues and suppliers are our friends too – which means that we can recommend them with confidence that they’ll share our own blend of professionalism and approachability.

So don’t be a stranger – come and talk to us about how we can make your event the best ever.

G is for GENUINE

Your event is all about you -whether you want a flower meadow for your wedding, or a weekend of fun for your elderly relatives, a corporate event that boosts your brand or an unforgettable children’s party, we want you to have whatever will make your day superb. Our values include developing a genuine understanding of your needs and desires, your dreams and ambitions, so that we can deliver a great experience.

H is for HELP

We’re lucky to be party planners and event consultants – we know we have the best job in the world! While we live and breathe fun, creativity and enjoyment, we always remember that not everybody is as fortunate as us. That’s why we help fund the Flying Seagull Project whose mission is to bring fun and laughter to children around the world whose lives are difficult.

Because ‘creativity’ and ‘friends’ are included in our key values, we think this is a great fit for us – also, Chaika is Russian for seagull!


As event consultants, we get to know you as individuals. Our events are as varied and unique as our clients – we don’t have a ‘style’ that we impose on you, we get to know you so that we can craft an event that is as individual and special as you. So whether we’re doing event management for weddings or acting for a huge corporation, whether we’re party planning for your child or styling events to create a unique atmosphere, it’s all about you, what you want, and how your individual preferences, choices and yes … values, should be expressed through your event.


We believe life is beautiful, so let’s celebrate and throw a party!

If our values made you smile, then perhaps it’s time to talk – please call us on +44 20 7582 8875, 07863 225048 or 07791106355 or email so we can help make your event the best celebration ever.