Anniversary at Victoria and Albert Museum

Location: V&A Museum
Our client appointed the Chaika team to organise a spectacular celebration for his wife's anniversary. This celebration was specially designed to be one of the most memorable events in her life.


After looking at numerous venues, we chose Victoria and Albert Museum. Although working with museums and historical venues is extremely challenging, it gave us the opportunity to create a unique experience for the guests by transforming museum spaces into various event areas.

Upon arrival the guests were fascinated by the impressive structure of the Dome covered by the bespoke projection and were immediately escorted to the Hintze sculpture gallery for reception drinks and canapés. The highlight of the reception was an outdoor performance by ballerinas in LED outfits in John Madejski Garden.

Then the guests were invited to a gala dinner in the museum's largest and most prestigious space, the Raphael Gallery, featuring the most important surviving examples of Renaissance art in the world. Here they enjoyed a delicious meal whilst being entertained by piano improvisations performed by Stephen Ridley.

After the meal the audience went through the museum rooms back to the Dome for cocktails and after dinner dancing supported by a live band.

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