Boys will be boys: the best party themes for boys

POV: it's your little (or not so little) boy's birthday party coming up and you're not sure where to begin. Choosing a theme is a great place to start, but with a variety of choices out there it can be a little daunting. Here's our round-up of tried and tested ideas that kids will love, and will make adults wish they were kids again.

Football Crazy

For the over-5s, there's one sport that soon becomes an obsession - football! Starting with the decorations, we can roll out the green grass carpet for an immersive pitch atmosphere and there'll be no mistaking the theme with a goal-shaped balloon backdrop. Add in a bespoke backdrop and their favourite player's cutouts for a more personal touch. Our decor will surely make fun focal points for photo moments and also act as a stage for entertainers and hosts.

When choosing a location, try to go for an option with an outdoor space to let your guests have a go at playing the actual game. For example, at our recent party at Foxhills Country Club, our pro-hosts created fun warm-up games before the children headed outside for a friendly kick-about.

We'll keep the games going back inside with a breakout corner featuring foosball and air hockey tables while our signature paper disco always ensures energy levels are high all afternoon. When it's time to recharge, engaging show and workshop from a football freestyler, and football-themed sweets go down a treat.

Your boy is into sports, but football is not his cup of tea? No worries, we have planned basketball, hockey, bowling and tennis themed birthday parties too. For little athletes out there, Olympic Games themed party is a perfect theme too!


Does anyone ever really grow out of their dinosaur phase?! This theme is about encouraging childlike exploration and adventure by immersing partygoers into a prehistoric land, like we recently did.

Transport guests to the Jurassic Age with a landscape of palm trees, gigantic dinosaur eggs, life-size dinosaur props and other prehistoric artefacts. Keeping it all about the birthday boy, we can create personalised signage or backdrop with a nod to the famous film, surrounded by a jungle of plants for the perfect photo pitstop before little adventurers start their expedition!

Our engaging safari entertainers are brilliant at leading the rawr-some fun with a scavenger hunt. Young explorers might come face-to-face with dinosaur friends - triceratops, velociraptors and of course the biggie, a 4-metre-high T-Rex - during the dinosaur show. Baby dinosaurs and smaller friendly dinos are a great option for the little ones who may feel a bit shy in presence of the giant beasts. Explorers can also become archeologists and get hands-on with digging kits to help them find and build their own dinosaurs.

It's an ideal theme to run a little wild with the tablescape. Jungle grass runners with dinosaurs hiding amongst the greenery will keep little ones fully immersed in the magic. Our creative caterers will be on hand to serve up equally imaginative bites. For adults, we can run wild with creative tropical cocktails: smoking bubbles, liquid glitter, monogrammed ice blocks and real flames will make a spectacular show for all parents. And cake, there always has to be cake - a multi-tiered stack or cracking egg - guarantees another Insta-perfect -moment and delicious treat.


When your kids have graduated from the entire-class parties and are ready for something a little more grown-up, we can still create playful, immersive experiences for smaller groups.

Our virtual reality parties are a gamer's paradise. This state-of-the-art equipment can transport around 10 guests into a virtual world of shooter games, dance sequences, and super cool 3D drawing workshops for artsy types. The great thing about these packages is that they can be tailored to your celebration - whether it's at home or a venue, a host will arrive with all the equipment and get you started.

Another entertainment idea - get a gaming bus or setup a gaming room with professional gamer's gear and all the classic and latest editions of their favourite games from Minecraft and FIFA to Fortnite and League of Legends.

Futuristic, monochromatic colour schemes complement this theme brilliantly and are often popular with older boys. Huge, metallic balloon installations set the mood, and street food vendors serving slushies and hotdogs keep a laid-back approach to dining options. For younger gamers, go ahead with a party theme based on one of their favourite games, be it Mario Kart, Sonic the Hedgehog, or Pokemon Go.


Another classic theme that remains a firm favourite with younger kids is a swashbuckling pirate party. Full of adventure and magic, it's a bit of a party-planning dream that keeps on giving ideas.

From Long John Silver to Captain Hook, many iconic characters could inspire the theme and narrative. Treasure Island or Neverland are equally wonderful settings: towering palms, a life-size ship, and chests overflowing with gold and treasure.

Pirates are notoriously good story-tellers, and are known to love a sea shanty or two - our company of actors can create bespoke productions with lots of audience participation to keep little ones entertained with their antics. We'll also make our birthday boy or girl to feel extra special by being enlisted as their newest recruit.

Face painting station will help children turn into pirates or sea creatures and our magical bubble show will transport them to the bottom of the ocean. Of course, there also has to be a treasure hunt. Each guest could receive a personalised map to help them discover sweet jewels: think giant chocolate coins, themed desserts and bejeweled cake to finish off the day.


Every little boy goes through a superhero phase and these comic book idols make a hugely popular party theme. The bold, graphic illustrations lend themselves to a montage for a photozone area where guests will be queuing up to have a snap with their favourite hero impersonators. Kids don't just love to meet their heroes, they like to be them too which is why we'd recommend having a dressing-up corner and a face painting station!

It's got to be an action-packed party so why not bring in a martial arts expert to provide a beginner's tutorial for heroes-in-training. Creating a superhero video on a green screen, with special effects and super-powers editing in during the post-production is another great activity for an older crowd. Finish the day with our superhero dance crew who can show off their break-dancing moves before they teach a routine to their young fans.

When it's time to eat, we love the idea of giant, illuminated lettering lighting up the table spelling out 'pow' and 'zap' and 'wham'. Whether it's the Captain America shield, or the iconic spider's web logo everything from cookies to cupcakes can embrace the theme.


We're not sure if this should go in the kid's recommendations or the adults, everyone loves this building blocks franchise! It's such a playful theme with scope for original decor and thought-provoking games.

Our balloon experts can create almost anything these days, even an archway of primary-coloured building blocks that set the scene for a fun bash, and make a great photo opportunity. This theme also really works with zoning - where we divide a room up into different immersive activities.

Giant building blocks can be used in a game to see who can stack the tallest tower while a modelling station filled with a treasure trove of bricks will inspire future architects. Softplay zone with colourful soft bricks and ball pond is great for younger siblings, and we don't know a child who will say no to a bouncy castle.

All this building is hungry work, LEGO brick-shaped cakes could be the star attraction and the iconic yellow heads make great candy bowls! After recharging, a LEGO 'engineer' will lead a scavenger hunt as it's a race against time to build a supersize robot who could then become the subject of storytime.


Take guests on an impressive voyage with a space-themed party. This theme is about sparking curiosity and igniting the imagination with cosmic decor and out-of-this-world fun.

We're imagining a celestial-themed balloon arch in night-sky blue and shimmering silver - with a constellation backdrop spelling out the birthday boy's name and shimmer wall bringing in party vibes. Making the ceiling a feature adds an extra level of detail with a space theme. Using mini planetariums, we can project the galaxy above and suspend giant balloons to represent the solar system and the stars.

Our entertainers dressed as astronauts will keep the party on track - from playing games to introducing fellow entertainment. A science show is a great way to educate and entertain, we have worked with experts who create activities from bubbling potions to experiments with air, pressure, and nitrogen. We can even provide mini lab coats and safety goggles for an authentic experience!

Next, hit the dance floor and show some moves on our starlit LED dance floor. The DJ will set the mood and paper disco or neon accessories will make for a great party finale.
Are you planning on hosting a memorable boy's birthday party? Drop our team a line and we'll help plan the perfect day for them.

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