Out and about: 8 ideas for memorable corporate days out

As corporate life can often be hectic and demanding, taking a day out of the office for team building and bonding is an excellent way to recharge, boost morale, and make fun memories with your colleagues. If you're in search of unique corporate day out ideas, we've got you covered.

Vineyard Visit and Tasting

British wines are having momentum right now, and it's a great time to embark on a delightful journey to a nearby vineyard for a day of wine tasting and appreciation.

This experience not only allows your team to savor exquisite wines but also offers an opportunity to learn about the winemaking process. Engage in grape stomping, participate in wine blending sessions, and indulge in a gourmet lunch or tasting amidst scenic vineyards.


Get lost in nature and enjoy locally sourced food with a nomadic dinner for your team. Start with a foraging walk through a forest with a chef, who will help you better understand local ingredients and give tips on spotting and picking the best herbs, mushrooms, nuts or berries, depending on the season.

Reach the campsite where chefs will proceed to cook you a tasting menu, while you can unwind by the fire pit or take part in a mixology workshop. Dine under the stars and enjoy some acoustic music for the truly memorable day in the woods.


Unleash the culinary creativity within your team with a hands-on cooking workshop. Choose a specialised cuisine like Italian or Thai, or focus on French patisserie or British afternoon tea. Let everyone roll up their sleeves to prepare a scrumptious meal together.

We will ensure that you get the best guidance from an experience chef, and can make the day extra special by securing a celebrity chef for you. We work with MasterChef and BakeOff Professionals finalists, as well as the chefs from famous London restaurants, allowing for a truly exciting and unique day.

After the cooking session, sit down together to enjoy the fruits of your labor and bond over a shared love for food and cooking. We can also arrange the wine pairing or cocktails from our mixologist to go along with your meal.


Take a break from the corporate hustle and bustle with a relaxing river ride along the iconic Thames River. A private boat cruise offers a serene environment for your team to unwind and socialise. Sip on the bubbly and savour the selection of small bites while taking pictures and soaking in the views.

Once the sun sets, get ready to dance all night long with a live band or DJ setting the mood. We can bring in a host for some fun challenges and arrange branded prizes or keepsakes for your team to take home and remember that day for years to come.


For these of you who love theatre, we can arrange a VIP West End visit. Start with a canape & drinks reception in a private lounge, followed by a behind the scenes tour or meet & greet with the actors. Enjoy the show from the best seats in the house and get back for a sweet bite in your lounge during the interval, too.

For a summer alternative, enjoy an outdoor opera and stylish picnic at Glyndebourne Festival, where word-class operas performed in the open air of Sussex countryside.


Challenge your team's problem-solving and communication skills with an exciting escape room adventure. Divided into groups, team members must work collaboratively to solve puzzles, decode clues, and escape from a themed room within a set time limit.

We can create a bespoke escape room with props and actors based on your preferred team and location. For an option that combines dining and playing, consider murder mystery dinner. It's a thrilling and engaging experience that will have your team talking about their escapades long after the day is over.


Whether you are dreaming of the one-day trip or a luxury way to reach your team offsite destination, luxury Pullman train rides offer an opulent and nostalgic experience. Its lavish Art Deco interiors, gourmet dining, and scenic routes create a sophisticated ambiance.

You can charter the entire train for exclusive events, customize the journey, and host private activities in dedicated carriages. Riding on the Pullman train is a step back in time, promising a timeless and enchanting experience.


Thrill-seekers will love spending a day on Silverstone F1 racing track. The guests enjoy driving high-performance sports cars or racing bolides under professional guidance, fostering camaraderie and friendly competition. Pit lane tours, racing challenges, and interactive simulators enhance the excitement while behind-the-scenes insights into racing dynamics adds a unique touch.

After the adrenaline-filled day out, proceed to one of the dedicated event spaces in the Silverstone for the team dinner. We can spice it up with themed entertainment, including dancers, singers and more.
Remember, the key to a successful corporate day out is to choose activities that align with your team's interests and create opportunities for meaningful interactions. Whatever activity you choose, we are here to help and make it a day to remember!

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