Family-friendly halloween party themes: get the little ones thrilled and spooked

This year, why not venture beyond the casual trick or treating with your children and throw a family-friendly Halloween party for children and their parents? We've selected five distinctive themes that will satisfy any audience from the youngest explorers who are in for something cute rather than spooky to the teens who would prefer more edgy and funky celebration. Read on to discover them all.


Whether you remember a classic version of the Hocus Pocus movie from the 1990s or enjoyed its recent sequel, Hocus Pocus 2, this is the perfect theme for these who love traditional Halloween.

Step into a realm of magic and mystery, where burnt orange and deep reds set the stage for an enchanting evening. Decorate the space with giant LED letters, colourful balloons, autumnal foliage and pumpkins. Fill the air with the aroma of flickering candles and rustic cauldrons, while whimsical witch hats hang overhead.

When looking for activities, consider a science show turned into potions making or invite a magician to join you for an interactive magic show that will have everyone under the spell. Don't shy from more traditional Halloween activities too: pumpkin carving, biscuit decorating and autumnal wreath making go perfectly well with these theme.

When in need of a bite, head to the "magical garden" where we serve edible flowers, grab a slice of pizza from the pizza trike, and don't forger to try witch's brew punch. For adults, set the grazing table with selection of the crudités, cheeses and charcuterie.


Embrace a world of adorable monsters and playful spooks with a pastel palette of mint, lavender, and baby blue. Fill the space with oversized googly eyes, fluffy creature decorations, and whimsical balloons. Make the seasonal treats the focal point of the decorating with your dessert station filled with marshmallow ghosts, black cat cookies, fluffy monster cupcakes and black bat pop cakes with sugar wings. Don't forget to provide stylish tableware with cute seasonal prints to finish the look.

When it comes to entertaining, embrace the dress-up part of the Halloween tradition. Have a face painting station to help little guests transform into their chosen characters on arrival. Host the fashion defile and name the best dressed of the party. Keep kids busy with balloon modelling station, bubble show and themed treasure hunt. For the big finale, have our signature paper disco descent on your monster mash.


Immerse yourself in a world of supernatural discovery with vibrant neon green, lilac, and orange hues. Transform your space into a ghostly playground, complete with colourful streamers and eerie silhouettes of ghosts and ghouls.

Embark on a ghost-hunting escapade, armed with DIY proton packs to capture playful spirits. Capture classic moments with a photo booth inspired by ghost traps. Set the arcade games corner where adults and children can compete, joining in their love for the original show and its recent remake. When they need a break from all the games, sit them down for a slime making workshop.

In need of a catering Inso, too? Go for New York's classics of hotdog & burger stand and milkshake bar. Bring on the candy floss machine and fresh popcorn cart to cover any snacking needs, too.


Whether you were captivated by Netflix's recent hit Wednesday or have been in love with the creepy family since the release of the movie series in the 1990s, that's a perfect party theme for these who looking for something more edgy.

Step into a world where elegance meets eccentricity. Channel the enigmatic charm of the Addams family with a monochromatic palette of black and white. For an added burst of colour, go with the shades of lilac and purple. Adorn your space with ornate candelabras, vintage portraits, and gothic accents that capture the essence of their eerie mansion.

Delve into the Addams' world with a scavenger hunt that leads to mysterious treasures. Gather around for a spellbinding storytelling session. Or unleash creativity at a DIY potion-making station, where kids concoct magical mocktails under the guidance of the professional mixologist. Of course, don't forget the dance flashmob, recreating the choreography from the viral scene from Wednesday series.

When thinking about the food option, give traditional party bites a spooky twist. Tempt taste buds with peculiar delights like "Eyeball" meatballs and "Thing's Fingers" hot dogs. Indulge in sweet treats such as "Morticia's Muffins" and "Uncle Fester's Lollipops."


Teenagers would love the Halloween party, built around the popular Stranger Things franchise. To make it happen, transform your venue into the nostalgic 80s realm of Hawkins, Indiana. String twinkling fairy lights throughout the space to create the enchanting ambience of Joyce's living room, paying homage to the alphabet wall. Recreate memorable scenes with a backdrop showcasing Hawkins Middle School, complete with bicycles and a touch of mystery. Scatter Christmas lights, an ode to communication with the Upside Down, and feature a makeshift fort similar to the one built by the kids to uncover the mysteries that lie ahead.

Engage teens with a thrilling journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons - set up gaming tables and provide D&D character sheets, dice, and rulebooks for an immersive experience. Host a "Demogorgon Hunt," a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to hidden treasures or pivotal moments from the series. Dive deeper into the supernatural with screenings of spine-chilling episodes from "Stranger Things," creating an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue. For an added twist, consider a costume contest inspired by the show's characters, allowing guests to embody their favorite Hawkins resident.

Channel the 80s with a nostalgic menu reminiscent of the era. Serve up Eggo waffle stations, a nod to Eleven's favorite treat, where guests can customize their own waffle creations. Set up a "Scoops Ahoy" ice cream station with an assortment of toppings inspired by Steve and Robin's summer job at the mall. Quench thirst with themed drinks like "Eleven's Eggo Shake" or "Hawkins Lemonade." Create an immersive atmosphere where teens can not only enjoy the show but also feel like they're a part of the supernatural mysteries unfolding in Hawkins.
These family-friendly Halloween themes offer a realm of possibilities, from the enigmatic allure of the Addams Family to the whimsical journey of Little Witches. Whether you're grooving at the Monster Mash dance party or exploring the supernatural world of Stranger Things, these themes promise fun and joy both for the young and young at heart.
No matter what Halloween theme appeals to you, we are happy to assist with decorating, entertaining, catering and anything in between to make your Halloween extra special!

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