At Chaika Events we love a good party, and a children’s party is the best fun of all. It takes a special blend of magic, hard work and ability to think like a child to pull off a really spectacular kid’s party.

4-7​ YEARS

Your child is in charge - we commit to creating a party theme full of your little one’s favourite characters, full of surprises, challenges and fun!

Perhaps a superhero rescues Rapunzel by transporting her on a rocket to train as a Jedi master at a training school before being granted tickets for Cinderella’s Ball - packed with circus stars who train the party guests to perform tricks. Can you imagine it? Because we can make it happen … Princesses, Pirates, Cars, Circuses, Lego, Magic, Space - you can pick any theme or mix and match.


Intense party fun for this age group includes staged performances and music events at real theatres and clubs. We bring DJs and breakdancing competitions, or nerf guns and racing games. We provide talent shows with judges, bootcamp events or glamping. And we can combine themes to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Top themes include Music Video Making, Fashion and Beauty, Racing and Survival.


To create the party of a lifetime you need to combine cool venues, outstanding entertainment, crazy fun and guaranteed safety (of course). We bring rokaoke (you rock with a live band), hire top night clubs or have guests sip mocktails on a Hawaii themed boat, provide laser shows, film  music videos and add a GIF photobooth to preserve amazing digital memories!

Winning themes include Hollywood and La La Land, Casino Royale, Gatsby Style and Club Tropicana


We have many favourite themes and our children’s party event planners will work with you to suggest a concept that thrills your child and gives every child an unforgettably good experience!

 Check out our A-Z themes list

A   Alice in Wonderland

B   Bowling and Beatrix Potter

C   Circus, Cars  and Chineese New Year!

D   Disco and Dinosaur encounters

E    Enchanted Garden

F    Football, Fashion and Fireman Sam

G   Glamping and Ancient Greece

H   Halloween, Harry Potter, Hello Kitty and How to train your dragon ( quite a few!)

I     Indians Party

J    Jules Verne inspired

K    Knights and castles

L    Lego and Lazy Town

M   Magic, Minecraft, Minions, Mermaids and pirates, Movie making, Matilda and Marry Poppins

N   New Year, Narnia and Neon disco

O   Olympics and Octonauts

P    Princesses and Pirates, Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol

Q   Queens and kings

R    Rio, Russian and Royal themed

S    Superheroes, Spies, Star Wars and Survival

T     Tangled and Teddy bear picnic

U    Unicorns, Under the Sea

V     Victorian

W    Wizard of Oz, Wild West and Winnie the Pooh

X     X-Factor

Y     Yoga kids party

Z     Zombies



Planning a baby shower? Uniting the closest friends and family members makes the event really special with a special theme to bring everything together, from Teddy Bears picnic to mini Space Explorers. We can offer a ‘gender moment reveal’ with a themed cake, and bring enhanced décor and the cutest catering ever.


This, a vitally important occasion for any family, should be remembered and treasured by all concerned.  Chaika commits to ensuring every bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah is a wonderful celebration for family and friends, with special attention to traditional details and plentiful festive entertainment!


The beginning of a journey of faith for your child and a special day for family and friends, a christening deserves to be one of the most important events in your family life! Our team adds catering, entertainment and beautiful decor to make this celebration utterly special