Christmas IN STYLE

Decor & Styling
Location: Private House
Trends for Christmas tree and house decorations always change, but we stay on top of the game, creating bespoke luxury styling concepts for our clients every time.

For Christmas 2020, we focused on the colour palette of emerald green with dashes of silver and white to create a lush look. According to the Lunar calendar, these are the lucky colours for the new 2021 year of the Metal Ox.

In 2019, we based our colour palette on the room interior. The key colour was sapphire blue, with touches of white, silver and other blue shades. We also played with the Winter Forest theme and brought the figures of animals to the scene.

In previous years, we've experimented with natural shades and textures; play around traditional colour palette of red and gold, and worked with other decor trends. The result is always lust and stunning.

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