Neon Party

Location: Millbank Tower, Altitude 360, 29th floor
The client approached us to find the venue and deliver a neon party concept chosen by their 18 year old daughter. Chaika events and the birthday girl worked as a team to create the perfect neon party for 80 guests.


We chose Altitude 360 as a stylish blank canvas event venue, offering stunning wraparound views of London and beyond.

We split the party area into a neon lounge to chill and enjoy the view sitting on the LED cubes and enjoying their glow-in-the-dark cocktails, and a main party area with DJ and LED booth and photo area with bespoke neon objects and hoops mounted to the mesh wall for perfect insta pictures.
UV lamps around the space enhanced the glow-in-the-dark concept, highlighting the guests' neon makeup provided at the party.

The special guest star – rapper Osh - sang his smash hits and set the rap vibe for the rest of the party!

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