Magical first: Do's and Don'ts for the perfect first birthday party

The first birthday is a momentous occasion. As we embark on this journey, let's explore the do's and don'ts of planning a heartwarming and unforgettable first birthday party that brings joy to both the little one and their loved ones.

Timing Is Key

Imagine a beaming baby, full of energy and laughter. To ensure this delightful sight, consider your baby's sleep patterns when picking the perfect time for the celebration. After a restful nap is usually an ideal time for a happy, giggly baby ready to embrace the festivities.

On the other hand, avoid planning the party during naptime or too close to bedtime. An overtired little one might not fully enjoy the event, leaving everyone feeling a bit disheartened.

Think along the same lines when choosing the venue. Ideally, it would be not too far from home so you do not tire the birthday child with a long car or tube ride and have them in their best mood after a short walk to the party.


Every child has a unique personality, and a well-chosen theme can amplify their joy. Whether it's a whimsical fairy tale, adorable animals, or something more serious, like aviation or space travel, the possibilities are endless. Below are our TOP-5 first birthday party themes:

  • Woodland Animals
Bring the enchantment of the animal kingdom to life with a cute and cuddly animal-themed party. Decorate with animal prints, plush toys, and themed magical forest props. If venue allows, arrange a petting corner, offering children a chance to meet rabbits, guinea pigs, baby ducks and chics, as well as other fluffy animals. It's perfect for animal-loving toddlers and creates a charming and playful atmosphere.

  • Circus! Circus!
Step right up to a circus-themed celebration! Decorate with bold colors, recreating circus tent ambiance with themed props, lights, flags and banners. To keep your guests entertained, fill the day with fun activities like face painting, balloon animals, and themed games. A funfair games and street food carts will add to the fun and help transport your guests to the site of the traveling circus. Amaze both children and adults with acrobats and jugglers, fishing the event with a mini-show to remember.

  • One Year Around the Sun
This heartwarming and symbolic theme celebrates your little one's journey around the sun in their first year of life. Decorate the party space with sun and moon motifs, golden accents, and celestial decorations. Add a personal touch to the journey theme by displaying photos of the baby's milestones from birth until their first birthday. A time capsule with guests writing messages or wishes for the baby's future, to be opened on their 18th birthday, can be a great themed activity for all ages. This theme focuses on cherishing the precious moments of your baby's first year and looking forward to the bright future ahead.

  • Bear's Picnic
This adorable and charming idea brings the coziness of a woodland picnic to the party. Set up the venue with picnic style low tables and cushions, plush teddy bears, and rustic wooden decorations. Use earthy tones and nature-inspired elements for a warm and inviting ambiance. Incorporate bear-themed food items, such as bear-shaped cookies, chocolate-dipped nuts and berries or honey cake. If weather permits, move the celebration outdoors and include active games on the lawn into your entertainment programme.

  • Cocomelon
Inspired by the popular children's animated series, this is a vibrant and lively theme. Use bright primary colors, along with decorations featuring characters from the show, to create a fun and engaging atmosphere. Incorporate interactive activities like a sing-along session with favorite Cocomelon songs or simple dance games. A colourful Cocomelon-themed cake and cupcakes will delight the little ones and add to the festive spirit.


Make your toddler's birthday party a joy-filled adventure with a range of delightful entertainment ideas. Create a safe and colorful soft play area, complete with ball pits and tunnels for endless fun. Engage their imaginations with interactive storytelling and captivating puppet shows. Let their creativity soar with arts and crafts stations, while sensory play and interactive music sessions will keep them happily engaged. Don't forget to include gentle mascots and balloon modelling for added delight.

Remember, toddlers have short attention spans, so it's best to keep the activities short and varied. Create a schedule that allows them to move from one activity to another, ensuring they stay engaged and happy throughout the celebration. Have flexibility to move things around in case our birthday child gets moody and would prefer to go for a snack or get some quieter moment at times.

Safety is paramount, so always have adult supervision during the activities to ensure the little ones have a delightful and safe experience. We always recommend having a few professional entertainers with children at all times to ensure that crowd of any age is happy and engaged.


With first birthdays being a family event, we expect you will have a few adults attending too. Engage them with mesmerizing close-up tricks from a mix & mingle magician or lively tunes from a live band. Create a fun atmosphere with outdoor games, a photo booth with props, or even a trivia contest.

Don't forget that food stations and bar can also be a good entertainment opportunity. Create a bespoke cocktail menu and invite a flair bartender to serve drinks with style. An interactive food station with a chef cooking fresh pasta or making burgers on site can be a great option too.

With a mix of entertaining options, both adults and children will have a fantastic time celebrating alongside the little ones.


The first birthday calls for picture-perfect opportunities that will be treasured forever. Create a themed photozone and prepare dress up corner for adults and children alike. A mascot can join the guests for pictures during the start of the party or bring in the cake and pose for pictures during the cake moment. Have a dressed up high chair ready for the comfort of the birthday boy or girl.

If you are planning a cake smashing as part of the birthday party photo session, prepare two cakes and two outfits to make it a truly joyful and carefree experience. For other photos, don't forget to have small props and themed toys in the photozone ready: it's always better to have live pictures of the baby playing and exploring. Bonus points for the ride-on or climb-in props that will allow for extra-special pictures for your child.
As you plan the first birthday, remember to embrace joy, love, and togetherness, for it's in these heartfelt moments that the true magic of the first birthday party truly shines. We take pride in crafting bespoke celebrations that capture the essence of each family's unique story. Need help planning? Get in touch and we'll make this day extra-special for you!

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